40 inches wide

24 inches deep

60 inches tall

We use S&G digital or mechanical locks. Mechanical locks are standard while the electronic locks are optional.

As an option we also offer Ram Secure locks that feature electronic, mechanical and blue tooth in one attractive lock.


1286 pounds

Door is 7/16 thick

Door edge thickness is 5/8 thick

The  cabinet is made from 3/16 thick steel.


14 active bolts 1 1/2 diameter

Bolt arms are all made with 3/8 steel plate.

The cam is 1/2 thick stainless steel.

This makes the mechanical section of the door 15/16 (.9375) thick.

Fire Protection

Alumina/Silica blanket

Rating is 2400 degrees max

1923 degrees continuous

We use a smoke seal as well as a fire seal.  This protects your valuables from smoke from an adjacent external fire.


The liner we use is 14 ga T304 #4 stainless steel.  This material reflects the interior LED lights to enable you to easily see all areas of your safe.  It also makes your safe more break in resistant.

The safe also comes with two more 110 volt outlets.


The safe comes standard with 6 shelves.  Each shelf is in fact a rifle rack.  Each shelf comes with a stainless steel cover.  Remove the cover for rifles or use the covers for document or pistol storage.  All shelves are adjustable to any configuration.  The carousel (shown) is NOT included, but can be purchased as an option.

$4,895.00 USD